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DeepakG 25Feb2009 11:05

Cint Interpreter
im not sure if this is the right place to post this doubt..
i have installed this cint interpreter 5.15
think is i dont want those many options and i want to reduce it to the bare minimum...but the thing is im not very strong in c/c++ and this whole thing is confusing.....i want a hint or a clue of how to begin and wer to begin.....
i have attached the zip file for the cint interpreter.....

i am not able to attach the zip file for the cint interpreter coz its 1.5mb...i cud send it over to anyone who needs to have a look at it..

thanks in advance

xpi0t0s 25Feb2009 13:17

Re: Cint Interpreter
If you're a new programmer I'd suggest using C++ directly with a compiler rather than trying to use a C interpreter with its own take on the language. Only when you're fluent in C++ would I recommend using cint. Are you using cint because you think it will be easier to learn C++ with than by using a compiler?

DeepakG 25Feb2009 13:28

Re: Cint Interpreter
first of all....thanks a lot for replyin....
the reason i put beginner for c is that im never confident of c...but its ok for me...c++ though compared to c is weak......
im planning to design a board and i want a c/c++ compiler...cint is fine but the footprint of cint is the problem.....
so i want to remove the unwanted dependencies and have the minimal code.....if you can just give me a hint on where shud i start to modify....or wat is it that i have to look for.....i think i can work up on that and achieve my goal....

xpi0t0s 25Feb2009 13:53

Re: Cint Interpreter
Why is the footprint of cint a problem? How large is its footprint and by how much does it need reducing? You must quantify the problem otherwise no solution is possible.


First place to check is the documentation to see if anything can be configured out.
If not then you'll have to get into the source and start hacking it about.
Or you could try asking the same question on the forum http://root.cern.ch/phpBB2/

DeepakG 25Feb2009 14:07

Re: Cint Interpreter
as i told that im supposed to put this on a board..rite now the library's of cint is around 1MB...i would like to remove the visual studio specific libraries and libraries on wild card and stuff..so that i have it down to the order of few 100kbs....or is there any other c/c++ interpreter you would suggest that would be of the specification im lookin for....?


xpi0t0s 25Feb2009 20:09

Re: Cint Interpreter
haha, there's no way on this planet I would ever consider a C++ interpreter to be a suitable solution for embedded programming. Assembly language or maybe straight C would be the best solution for this, maybe Flowcode but I don't know that product (I only know *of* it). It's going to take you longer to strip out all the irrelevant parts of cint than to learn C/assembly.

What's the processor/microcontroller on the board?

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