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BelRev 20Feb2009 18:49

Newbie needing help
I need help. I have a career in business (tax accounting), but have always had a knack for picking up software programs. I took a programming class in college (20 years ago) and really enjoyed it.

I want to get in to programming, but don't know where to start. Going back to school is not an option at this time, but am interested in free (or low cost) on-line classes, tutorials, books, etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

xpi0t0s 20Feb2009 19:12

Re: Newbie needing help
What sort of programming do you want to do - application level, system level, embedded?
What operating system do you want to program under?
What language did you use back then, and do you want to keep using the same language? If you want to learn a different language, do you want the new one to be easier or harder?

BelRev 20Feb2009 22:15

Re: Newbie needing help
I would like to possibly go into web programming. Although, I would like to build a general programming knowledge base.
Operating system is Windows (Vista).
I would like to start with a language that is easier and then work my way up to a harder language.

xpi0t0s 20Feb2009 22:22

Re: Newbie needing help
Maybe a good place to start would be with ASP programming and/or Visual Basic. Or maybe C# although that's not very webby. If you want something more platform independent then PHP could be the way to go.

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