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indiansword 19Feb2009 23:22

G4E as a proxy?
y dont u add a proxy script on go4expert.com/proxy because i can access this site at my office. probably because of the category selected by your web hosting company. it wud be a nice idea to add proxy script to it.. for the better utilisation :smug:

fourthdimension 20Feb2009 00:53

Re: G4E as a proxy?
That would be a lot of bandwidth, though... why not just set up a free site for yourself you can connect to and upload a redirect form? Or better yet, just tunnel your browser over ssh.

indiansword 20Feb2009 04:55

Re: G4E as a proxy?
my problem is... in my office they have some kinda software which blocks the sites by their categorization... suppose if i open my site... it says "block category="uncategorized"".. if i open orkut it says "blocked category: fun and dating".. .so i hope u understand what m tryin to say... m not sure which categories are allowed... so G4E opens at my office :D

shabbir 20Feb2009 08:57

Re: G4E as a proxy?
They have manually done and blocked sites like orkut and for your site there is a mafia keyword in url and that may be the reason.

indiansword 20Feb2009 18:32

Re: G4E as a proxy?
no its not that... its because of the websites category.. i have been studing it since quite a long time now if u remember we have spoken about it in PMS as well... i guess the unblocked categories are COMPUTERS AND INTERENET , educations.... since its a technical process

shabbir 20Feb2009 20:38

Re: G4E as a proxy?
The why uncategorized for your site.

indiansword 20Feb2009 20:44

Re: G4E as a proxy?
i know... waiting for tomorrow.. will speak to my web hosting provider abt that.

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