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sureshvaikuntam 18Feb2009 12:41

Basics of Pocket PC

Pocket Pc is a handheld sized computer.It runs on Microsoft windows mobile operating systems.It may have capability to run on alternative operating system like NetBSD,Linux,Android (or) others.It has many of the capability of modern desktop PC

Pocket PC is an evolution from previous calculator-sized computers.

According to microsoft the Pocket PC is a handheld device that enables user to store and reterive email,appointments,to play multimedia files,to play games,exchange text messages,exchange text message with windows live messenger,browse the web etc,

Features of Pocket PC
  • Runs under Microsoft Windows Mobile
  • Includes touch screen
  • Includes a directional Pad
  • Inclused touch pad
  • Includes a set of hardware application buttons
  • Includes ARM Version compatible CPU
  • It may have GPRS
  • It may have microsoft word,microsoft excel,microsoft outlook,mediaplayer
  • It may have wi-fi
  • It may have bluetooth
  • It may have GPS reciever
  • It have camera
  • It may support multilingual support
  • capable of browsing WAP sites
Copying Files From Pocket-PC to PC

It is the easiest option.when Pocket Pc is connected with desktop you can copy files by drag and drop. Go to windows "My computer" and you should see a moblie device icon,double clcik this icon and it should open up files and folder on pocket pc

If your Pocket-Pc and desktop computer both have infra-red,you can beam files to and from pocket-pc.

If your desktop computer and pocket pc ahve bluetooth you can bean filesin either direction

Ifyour pocket pc takes memory card you could get a card-reader to transfer files.

You can email files to an email account and in pocket pc you can download files in ypur account.

Input Method
  • Keyboard
  • Transcriber
  • BlockRecignizer
Free-Up Memory
If Pocket-Pc is runnig in low memory if u close anu application is is equivalent to minimizing it.So you can go to task manager to close it.

Back-up in pc
It will be in
c:\Document and seetings\<user-name>\Application-Data\Microsoft\Active-Sync

Blue-tooth allows you to connect to mobile phones,pc and other compatible devices In some Pocket-PC devices blue-tooth comes as bulit in

  • USB Cradle
  • Blue tooth
  • wi-fi
  • GPRS
  • Infra-red
  • 3g
  • Windows-moblie-5.0
  • windows-2003
  • windows mobile 2003 second edition
  • Touch Screen
  • Navigation
Connection to internet
Once you connect to internet you can browse All pocket-pc come under required software Pocket-PC may have bulit in modem

indiansword 18Feb2009 20:05

Re: Basics of Pocket PC
with all respect... very generalised article.... most common stuffs

shabbir 4Mar2009 09:56

Re: Basics of Pocket PC
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