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krofox 15Feb2009 09:59

vb code data refreshing
This is my first visit. I am new to vb. I need some help.
I have a site from where i can import data to excel. I need help
Data comes in a column . I need to put the data in different column. and every time when the data is refreshed and imported from the website it would be arranged in the same format. That is in different column.


shabbir 15Feb2009 10:16

Re: vb code data refreshing
Are you exporting the data or downloading some precreated excel files ?

krofox 15Feb2009 13:56

Re: vb code data refreshing
Thanks Shabbir,

Actually , i would be importing the data file from Web site . which are in a single column.

To make clear

1) Put the datas in different column

2) here ......
First in the year
Second is the month
Third is the date
Fourth is the first hour of the day
Fifth is the first five mins of the hour
Sixth is the value

3) Change the fifth column into actual mins

4) Fourth and Fifth column should look like....01:05 in a single column..

4) And everytime the data refreshes ...it would come in the above format with the No:3 and No:4 condition.

Thanks ..

shabbir 15Feb2009 14:20

Re: vb code data refreshing
Then you have to code so that it reads the data and formats accordingly.

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