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Safari 14Feb2009 22:14

Best Adsense placement
So what do you think is the best place for adsense ?

I seen the Useful Adsense Tips by but just wanted to know what has worked for people here.

shabbir 14Feb2009 22:32

Re: Best Adsense placement
The best placement as a general rule are the one within content and after some lines of text.

The main reason for this is if the content is related what is user is looking for he would read further else use the Adsense Ads.

Safari 15Feb2009 10:31

Re: Best Adsense placement
But don't you think in content links means making fool of user who thinks they are links to sites.

shabbir 15Feb2009 10:34

Re: Best Adsense placement
You can always make them stand out. The placement is where people are reading something and its upto you to consider your user fool or tell him if you did not found something here following links can also help in a silent manner

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