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sknew 11Feb2009 12:27

Loading and Saving XML files
I have to write a code in Native C++ using which i have to load the contents of an XML into GUI and write back the changes done (pertaining to parameters) into another xml which is a replica of the loaded XML. The usage of TinyXml is a must. Please help.

xpi0t0s 11Feb2009 18:43

Re: Loading and Saving XML files

sknew 12Feb2009 17:39

Re: Loading and Saving XML files
thanks a lot for the reply but i have already checked that. My requirement cannot be sufficed with what they have given. Can you kindly help me with creation of replica of an XML using TinyXml ofcourse. I will get a map or vector from the GUI.The map will conatin all the values, even the one which have not been changed. So in a way, i have to override all the child values, but since i dont have the names of the labels used in GUI, i have to consider the 1st value as the value of first child and so on. Pls help.

xpi0t0s 12Feb2009 22:05

Re: Loading and Saving XML files
Can't you adapt what they have given? It's true that most tutorials don't give you code that will directly solve your problem, the idea is that you take that code, understand it and modify it to produce the effect you want.

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