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akira 10Feb2009 21:39

remote shutdown
For some reason whenever i try to shut down a computer remotley an access is denied message comes up. any ideas of what i could do to fix this?

akira 10Feb2009 21:57

Re: remote shutdown
also i do have admin rights

neo_vi 11Feb2009 15:23

Re: remote shutdown
then try sys internals ps shutdown. in that u can give the user name u wanna log into, and give the remote system's admin password to perform a shutdown. but when the system is protected by a firewall, it fails to work.

akira 11Feb2009 21:05

Re: remote shutdown
yea there is a firewall up. but ive also tried shutting down the remote computer with admin privleges as well as running cmd as the admin. also i tried enabling messenger if that might help plus adding my name under the users rights list that is allowed remote shutdown... im kinda stumped.

SPEEDYC1991 18Feb2009 00:11

Re: remote shutdown
Try to enable all the remote dependincies then enable telnet stuff run cmd as admin. idk im just starting out too

akira 18Feb2009 21:10

Re: remote shutdown
i tried enabling all the remote dependincies and still recieved the acess denied message.

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