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Bhullarz 9Feb2009 16:44

Drawing in php
HI ! I want to create a drawing pad and MSpaint - like application in php. Can somebody suggest me that from where should I start. ? I am not very expert of PHP. So plz, keep it simpler..

Thank you in advance.

shabbir 9Feb2009 16:52

Re: Drawing in php
PHP is not the best choice for it.

Bhullarz 9Feb2009 22:31

Re: Drawing in php
I have been asked to submit a project of Web Based Drawing Pad. I was thinking of using PHP for this. But as Shabbir Sir says, PHP is not right choice for it, then in which language I should develop this...?
Kindly suggest and if possible, provide some references too.

Thanks in advance
and thanks to Shabbir Sir...

shabbir 9Feb2009 22:52

Re: Drawing in php
JavaScript is better because Web based Drawing pad should be done using Client side scripting like JS and storing and other parts using PHP

Bhullarz 26Feb2009 22:13

Re: Drawing in php
I used FLASH and ActionScript to create this drawing pad which is embedded into PHP page. FLASH was better choice for me than going for any other language.

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