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akira 9Feb2009 16:01

Blocking CMD
Ive been trying to help improve the computer networks throughout the schools in my district but ive been having trouble blocking cmd. any ideas?

xpi0t0s 9Feb2009 16:51

Re: Blocking CMD
How will blocking CMD help? If users have the right privileges they'll be able to do anything, and blocking CMD won't help. Remove the privileges and whatever programs they run they won't be able to do any damage or access areas they shouldn't be able to.

akira 9Feb2009 18:15

Re: Blocking CMD
the problem is that some of the programs that are essential need to use cmd so we cant really remove it. also we cant lower the user privielegs , well its easy enough to do, but they need to be where they are. im also aware that even if cmd is blocked how it is in some other districts the students can just use command.com and unblock cmd.
believe me i would rather thouroughly restrict the other users but we cant.

neo_vi 10Feb2009 10:18

Re: Blocking CMD
use security administrator to set rights for each and every user. it blocks both cmd and command.com

indiansword 10Feb2009 10:57

Re: Blocking CMD
hey m sorry delete this post please... my puppy did it by mistake (god knows how)

shabbir 10Feb2009 11:07

Re: Blocking CMD

Originally Posted by indiansword (Post 42717)
hey m sorry delete this post please... my puppy did it by mistake (god knows how)


Hex00010 23Jul2009 01:14

Re: Blocking CMD
Hello there akria u see you can not really stop cmd

you can download cmd's from the web and just use a gpedit.msc i believe and there they can activate there user rights

i do reccomend how ever that you put all student accounts on guest accounts and advanced the system security with novell systems and enchance the coding login script from there to block it

also set it to where not .exe .or such can be downloaded from student accoutns

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