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akira 9Feb2009 15:59

Deep Freeze
hey im decent friends with the district head of technologies where i live and i have been helping with their network security, im still very much a novice, by testing the security from a students capabilities. I'm given no knowledge other than what i can get myself. Its more of a hobby than a job. last friday he offhandedly issued me a challenge to locate Deep Freeze. I'm having trouble finding much out about it. any help?

xpi0t0s 9Feb2009 16:50

Re: Deep Freeze
Tried Googling it?

akira 9Feb2009 18:08

Re: Deep Freeze
yea i googled it but i would love to find a free copy to toy with.

xpi0t0s 9Feb2009 19:02

Re: Deep Freeze
Perhaps If Required Ask The Entity that you would Buy A copY from for an evaluation version?

akira 9Feb2009 21:42

Re: Deep Freeze
well i thank you very kindly for your advice, but i still do have some problems. i know its just me and my inexperience but i found deep freeze on the computer but i cannot find anything that i can do with it, manipulation, any suggestions? when i try to run it with or without elevated privalegase, forgive my spelling, nothing happens.

xpi0t0s 10Feb2009 15:09

Re: Deep Freeze
Well, did you try RTFM? http://faronics.com/html/library.asp

akira 10Feb2009 20:58

Re: Deep Freeze
thanks for your advice im going to look into that.

indiansword 11Feb2009 10:32

Re: Deep Freeze
u wanna know "whats deep freeze?" or "how to use it?" because its a very vast program somewhat like norton ghost

akira 11Feb2009 21:19

Re: Deep Freeze
im trying to see if its even worth trying to exploit it and how that would be bennificial. a friend of mine was interested in it but i cant really see why.

ed1968 13Feb2009 14:37

Re: Deep Freeze
dude its a software that prevents changes to the hdd the software works but it is only usable to workstations or cybercafe if any one is intrested <<snipped>>

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