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Kilicka 9Feb2009 15:36

Need Volunteers. Reward Experience.
Hey there,
Are you interested in making a MMORPG?
Are you seeking experience with working with a team to develop an online game?
Or do you just want to have some fun coming up with some ideas?
If you said ‘yes’ to any of those, I have just the thing you need.

First off I would just like to introduce myself, my name is Nathan. I have experience in C++ and HTML and a few other programming languages. At the moment I am starting to make a MMORPG. I know if I do this solo it would take me many years to complete that’s why I am asking you to help. In this moment of time it’s just a hobby, but later down the track I might deicide to go commercial, because it’s just a hobby and not making any sort of money it means your work is volunteering. So if your looking to make money I guess change the page now, thus if it does one day go commercial I know a few people who will fund it and will be happy to pay.

Who am I looking for?
I get asked this question a lot so I will explain it now so you understand.
I don’t care if you are 7 or 90, I don’t care if you have never learnt a computer language. The reason that is, is because the main idea was to give you experience and let you learn a few things or too, So maybe if you are thinking of doing something like game designing or anything like that, then this will hopefully show you what it feels like.

The current people I am looking for are any of the following;

Graphics/Model/Animation Designer.
-I think the title says it all, you main job will be of course making Graphics, Models or animation.

Quality Assurance.
-Basically you will be testing for bugs/glitches and giving feedback/suggestions about the content.

Game Development.
-You will be helping others and me with the coding aspect of the game. At the moment we are using Realm Crafter Professional as our game engine. We will of course at a later date make our own.

Content Development.
-Have you ever had a great idea for a game? Maybe you have played other MMORPG and had brilliant ideas that they don’t think off. If so then this is the job for you. You main role would be to think of ideas, and when I say think I mean think not copy.

If any of those roles sound good to you or you are interested in. then please let me know via a post here or via an email. My email address is; Nathan_Slithick@hotmail.com

Thank-You for your time and I hope you accept my offer.

shabbir 9Feb2009 16:57

Re: Need Volunteers. Reward Experience.
Moved to Freelance Marketplace forum

Kilicka 10Feb2009 10:57

Re: Need Volunteers. Reward Experience.
Thank-You, sorry im only new here and could not decide witch one to post my thread in.

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