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sethava1226@yahoo.co 9Feb2009 06:14

New to the it field
I am just starting in the IT field. I am going back to school for an AS degree in IT. I want to concentrate in database management. Does anyone have any recommendations on which area to concentrate on in the AS degree program. Also, I want to start taking certification exams. I just bought a book to start studying for the A+ cert. I want to get in at an entry level area to start building experience while I go to school. Any advice from anyone is greatly appreciated.


asadullah.ansari 9Feb2009 12:16

Re: New to the it field
More concentration on practical practices than theretical...Give more time on implementation...

Izaan 9Feb2009 12:36

Re: New to the it field
Everyone is New at some point at some place and I would suggest learn from the seniors around because its all about getting yourself taught to the environment.

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