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wildwestcoaster 6Feb2009 21:21

Dual-boot nightmare
I tried to put Zenwalk 5.1 onto my lappie alongside Vista. Scrambled both of them as far as I can tell, as now getting a message saying No operating system. I'm sad. Whats worse, I also put on a BIOS password, which was so damn clever I forgot it, and I'm now losing boot options, including boot from disc. Any clues how to bypas BIOS and get back to status quo pro ante?

This was dumb I know, but I thought I was following instructions faithfully at the time

neo_vi 7Feb2009 18:27

Re: Dual-boot nightmare
there is a tutorial available for resetting the BIOS password in this site.
Basic BIOS password crack
try to boot with an USB which has linux or windows. They re easy to find. Or else boot with hiren's boot CD to fix the errors in the harddisk. or u can also use supergrub CD

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