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shabbir 3Feb2009 10:36

HESK ( Help Desk Software ) Review


The review is about help desk software script named "HESK". It allows you to setup a ticket based support system for your website very easily and few quick steps.


Recently I was working for one of my client where the client needed some help desk software for his site but was not looking for paid help desk like Kayako or any other help desk which charges so much money every year for using the software and so I thought of getting something from my loved area of open source and I found "HESK" which satisfies all my clients need and also I liked it and so thought this would be helpful to the users of G4EF members as well.


This wonderful free script, which is an alternative to commercial customer support help desk runs with a PHP/MySQL database on a shared hosting of my client and does not need anything more than PHP/MySQL and some of the features which deserves mentioning
  • Being open source it does not need anything for per license / user based payment.
  • fully-featured knowledgebase (articles, categories, search,...)
  • Powerful spam filter feature.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Rating of replies.

It is one of the best open source customer support software and you ou can test the script on the product page as well as see the demo for staff and admin interface before installing it on your server.

As mentioned to install the software the requirements are not very big and it is very normal but I think mentioning them here would help.
  • PHP 4.3.2 or newer
  • MySQL 4 or newer.

Enjoy Open Source.

Phillip 22Oct2009 00:47

Re: HESK ( Help Desk Software ) Review
Thanks for information!!!
I was really searching this type of information in last few days.
This information will give me lot of help in near future.
Thanks a lot

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nimesh 29Nov2009 21:09

Re: HESK ( Help Desk Software ) Review
good one, I did not notice it's free, I got it after reading this post

sameer_havakajoka 30Nov2009 10:56

Re: HESK ( Help Desk Software ) Review
gr8...definately need to chk it out

nimesh 30Nov2009 18:36

Re: HESK ( Help Desk Software ) Review
Comparison of issue tracking systems

ShaunDsouza 5Jan2010 10:54

Re: HESK ( Help Desk Software ) Review
Its awesome looking software. It's still young, but looks very promising. I'll be sure to check back on it in the future once it matures further, it might be worth testing out.

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