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Spades 31Jan2009 10:47

Japanese character encoding in Auto emails.

We been working on building a Japanese site for some time now. We finally finished off and are in the testing stage. Through out the development of the site we've been having trouble with way that Japanese characters display in our auto emails. The problem is, neither us nor programming we team work with are Japanese. And there is very little to no information about this in English.

We've had issues where.
- garbled text show up in one or two fields of an email (title/subject/body) but displays fine in others.
- garbled text show up in one email account type (yahoo) and not in another (gmail).

Recently one point which really puzzled us, is that we have some auto emails (specific emails from our system to our users relating to topic) that show up fine in all email account types. Yet some emails generated for the same system with basically the same mix of character types have errors. Could this be and error on our part in the incorrect implementation of a coding method that has worked before?

We are using UTF-8 character set now.
Any incite would be appreciated.


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