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imrankhan.in 30Jan2009 13:29

Operating System - Questions
Hi All,

I am new to this forum, but i am also glad to meet new freinds.
I was searching on google about operating system and i landed to go4expert to pradeep's info.
Well i need some help on below topics, hopefully someone will help me out.

Define below systems, how it works?
  1. Time sharing systems
  2. Parallel processing
  3. Distributed systems
  4. Real time systems
  5. Batch System
Thanks & Regards,

xpi0t0s 30Jan2009 14:07

Re: Operating System - Questions
Rather wide ranging questions there. Probably what you need to do is buy a book about operating systems and read it. Or have a look at Wikipedia as it's bound to have in-depth articles about all these.

Ah, I see you haven't even tried the obvious...

Top hit in Google for "parallel processing" is this article:

which links to this article:

and have a look at the first two (non-sponsored) links.

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