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ritika 28Jan2009 17:58

sir i would also like 2 ask u 1 question regarding computers.
broadly it is divided into 2 categories: networking and programming
i am not a good programmer.... so i would like 2 know if networking is good enough 4 peopl with no or little knowledge of programming....and how can one
use knowledge of both networking nd management???

shabbir 28Jan2009 18:03

Re: i.t.doubt
You should go with something that you like the best, Be it programming / networking / Management.

neo_vi 29Jan2009 15:03

Re: i.t.doubt
u cant learn the networking process fully without programming knowledge. When u talk about computers everything is interrelated. that s y its a multidisciplinary subject. Try to learn some programming too.

ritika 29Jan2009 15:13

Re: i.t.doubt
everything is inter related........yes agreed ....i hav basic knowledge of programming. in c++ and unix ... i just want 2 know if networking requires high level of programming???

neo_vi 29Jan2009 15:23

Re: i.t.doubt
not much high level programming, but u should be familiar with C++ and unix. and also learn some socket programming , which will be very useful for networking and also u can easily learn the concepts. I dont have any idea about those, but if u need i can google it 4 u.

ritika 29Jan2009 15:30

Re: i.t.doubt
sir socket programming is done in many languages.
i know its donein c , c++ nd java....mayb others as well..
but which one to learn.???

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