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2009jax 28Jan2009 16:12

JAX India 2009: International Conference on Java Technologies April 06-10, Bangalore,

We invite you to JAX India 2009, India’s largest independent conference on enterprise Java technologies. The premier Java event is annually held in Germany, Singapore, and Indonesia as well, besides India.

JAX India 2009 is an ideal forum for software developers, project managers and architects to learn about the latest developments in Enterprise Java, Application Lifecycle Management, SOA, Ruby on Rails, Eclipse and related technologies, Agile Methodologies and more.

JAX India 2009 brings thought leaders from North America, Europe and Asia such as Neal Ford, Ken Sipe, Gerd Wütherich, Craig Russell, Michael Johann, and Chris Anyszczyk to share their knowledge with the audience.

JAX India 2009 has been planned to meet the needs of IT professionals at every level. Whether you are a decision maker seeking to evaluate technologies or a developer looking for a window to latest developments or an entrepreneur pursuing business opportunities, JAX India 2009 is the right destination to head to.

In short, JAX India 2009 offers:

  • More than 60 sessions and hands on tutorials
  • The best speakers of the Enterprise Java Community
  • Exposure to new products from leading vendors
  • An opportunity to attend two conferences (JAX and Eclipse Forum) for the price of one.
  • Real-world advice from JAVA veterans

For more information contact JAX Hotline:
Mobile: +91 98457 30380, 99867 17738, Tel: +91 80 41124392 / 93

With best wishes,
JAX Team

shabbir 28Jan2009 18:02

Re: JAX India 2009: International Conference on Java Technologies April 06-10, Bangal
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2009jax 3Feb2009 11:14

Ruby on Rails Day at JAX India 2009 Conference
This year at the JAX India 2009 conference, sda-india.com promises to stage some JAX India Specials that have never been thought of before. Introducing for the very first time at JAX India 2009 is JAX University Day and Ruby on Rails Day.

Ruby on Rails Day at the JAX India 2009 conference would see an avant-garde of world-renowned software experts who have dedicated themselves to Ruby on Rails and the Ruby on Rails community. These experts, from both Java as well as .NET background, will enlighten software developers with the beauty of this fairly new technology and help them to learn the concepts of Ruby on Rails.

Steven Bristol, a Core Contributor to the Ruby on Rails Framework, Less Everything, has decided to address the software developers’ community in India with the following few topics:

  • All About Merb - In this presentation we'll take a look at the history of merb, how to get up and running, and when you should replace a heavy Rails action with a merb equivalent. We'll also do a live code demonstration where we build a sample application.

  • Advanced JavaScript and Rails - Learn in depth class design and object orientation with JavaScript, how to code unobtrusively, how to use different JavaScript libraries, and some best practices for communicating with Rails.

  • REST with Rails - This talk will cover exposing your application as a REST API/interface and how to use ActiveResource as a consumer for another RESTful interface.

JAX India 2009 Conference commences on 6-10th April at the NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore, India.

shabbir 3Feb2009 14:06

Re: JAX India 2009: International Conference on Java Technologies April 06-10, Bangal
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