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JAMESMARSH1980 25Jan2009 18:07

Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
Please can anybody help me, I bought a Dell Latitude D530 from a Computer Fair last month,it was shown working running windows Xp, when I turned it on though the next day, a grey screen appeared asking me for a password. I have contacted Dell and they said I need a bios password and they will only give it me if I have the Original Owners name,address,email and contact number, I cant get these details so they will not supply me with the password. The service tag is #4Y9SH3J-595B, can anybody supply me with this as I hope I have'nt wasted 150. Many thanks in advance

shabbir 25Jan2009 19:07

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
Check out this article - Basic BIOS password crack

JAMESMARSH1980 25Jan2009 20:36

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
Thanks for the Link shabbir, I've tried doing all of that, apparently what I need is someone that can generate the master codes for 595B Service Tags, I've heard there is software for doing this but cant find it anywhere on the internet, people have got them for free as some helpful people on the net supply the passwords but I'm struggling to find these helpful people.

fourthdimension 25Jan2009 22:50

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
These may be helpful.
Quoted from techspot (http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic18780.html):
Christophe Grenier has written a program that will calculate the master BIOS password for Dell Latitudes from the Service Tag number. That program is available at

A cmos password decrypter: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/CmosPwd

The above linked thead may actually be very helpful to you.

JAMESMARSH1980 25Jan2009 23:04

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
Thanks for the link to the software, unfortunaty that software will not eork on the service tags ending 595B, its the software that will calculate that service tag I require, I have searched the internet for the past 4 days and am pulling my hair out !

shabbir 26Jan2009 10:46

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
Taking the battery out removes the Password and thats the best one I guess

fourthdimension 26Jan2009 11:07

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
Good luck getting the cmos battery out... dell's laptops can be a real piece of work to take apart and put back together successfully. Shabbir's right, though... that's pretty much the one surefire way of doing it.

youscammedme 31Jan2009 05:11

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
nice forum -shame i had to join this forum under these circumstances, no one should be helping this liar jamesmarsh- jamesmarsh1980 scammed me, he sold me the above mentioned d530 laptop & didnt send it, instead he made excuses about it being stolen from his car- then he made excuses about giving a refund (i paid via paypal) & he still hasnt refunded me- he says i will have to go through dispute- then he says he hasnt got enough money in his paypal- whats going on jamesmarsh1980??? you spent my money-your excuses/ lies are lame, give me my money.

shabbir 31Jan2009 10:32

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
If you have done any transaction with the members of go4expert.com you should have taken into account when he has registered here and his reputation but that also does not guarantee of fraud protection because we are not a site where you should Buy / Sell things.

youscammedme 31Jan2009 16:14

Re: Dell Bios Password for Latitude D530
thanks for your help shabbir- i just wanted to warn ppl about this guy. The transaction was on another place & i just happened to find his post on your site.

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