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Cosmo 25Jan2009 14:18

USB port issue.
I have a SandDisk portable USB drive and I was able to load it just fine but today it hangs when loading and it basically I end up removing the USB portable drive from the port because it's useless, it hangs on load forever.

I thought this could be related to spyware because my roommate sometimes watches some porn, so I ran the Spyware Terminator but I didn't find much than just a profiling cookie that I later on removed. I have also scanned the USB portable drive but I was not able to get any results on infections either. So I am not sure if this could be related to a Windows XP issue or to the USB port.

I just need some help guys.

yasirhs 26Jan2009 06:04

Re: USB port issue.
it may be because of over loading . just try to open ur USA device just after restarting ur comp.

Cosmo 26Jan2009 12:16

Re: USB port issue.
Thanks man, I think that was it.

brokenheartz 27Jan2009 03:26

Re: USB port issue.
i also get problem for my usb pendrive.. can some one teach me??? i insert my pendrive...
loading and popup show ur devie is working properly now...
but.. in my computer didnt have the icon.. it happen in CYBER CAFE.. i dont know how to pen it..
can some one setle down this problem?? can teahc me how to open with cmd or some else??
teach many trick better coz im not sure cmd can open it... help me...

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