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yas 24Jan2009 21:23

8085 interfacing I/O
Sorry i'm newbie here and like to learn.I had a problem here can anyone give a code/solution for this problem:
Connect a DIP switch to port B and 7 segment(common Cathode) to port C.Write a program to read input from DIP switch connected to port B and display them on each segment of the 7 segment as show below:

DIP SWITCH 7 segment
0000 - all segments off
0001 - segment A on,others off
0010 - segment B on,others off
0011 - segment C on, others off
0100 - segment D on,others off
0101 - segment E on, others off
0110 - segment F on,others off
0111 - segment G on, others off
1000 - segment DP on,others off
1001 - all segment on

xpi0t0s 25Jan2009 23:13

Re: 8085 interfacing I/O
What hardware are you using?
Have you any code samples you could work from? Adapting existing code is a lot easier than writing code from scratch. For example, do you have example code to read from some ports and write to others?
What's the background to this; are you learning on your own, or are you on a course?
If you read the switches simultaneously you can treat the resulting value as a number and use switch logic, e.g.

switch (read_DIP())
case 0: write_7seg(0); break;
case 1: write_7seg(1); break; // assumes segment A is at bit zero
case 2: write_7seg(2); break; // assumes segment B is at bit 1

...and so on. Code also assumes that setting a port bit to 1 will switch a segment on, but if you have inverting logic then of course you will need to invert this.

yasirhs 26Jan2009 06:07

Re: 8085 interfacing I/O

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