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raji10k 20Jan2009 16:16

Languages Must for a hacker
Hi Frndz,

I am very new to this forum and hacking, Can anyone plz help me what are the Important Programming Languages a hacker must know, So that I can Learn the languages and Minumal Knowledge for a Hacker...!

Thanks in Advance

shabbir 20Jan2009 16:53

Re: Languages Must for a hacker
C++ and PHP

fourthdimension 20Jan2009 17:24

Re: Languages Must for a hacker
It depends on what kind of hacking you're trying to do. Web-based hacking? PHP, HTML, SQL and its derivitives, and javascript for starters. Other hacking, like privilege escelation, etc? C++ is a must. C is also helpful, since many exploits are written in it, and many buffer overflows and the like are found in code written in C. Perl is also helpful, but not totally necessary. Bash and Batch are definitely useful, and a good knowledge of bash is essential for privilege escalation on a unix/linux machine. Don't try to learn them all at once, though. Focus on HTML and C++, then get familiar with C and Javascript, then PHP and Perl, then SQL and bash/batch, etc. Learn a web scripting language along with a programming language or OS scripting language so you don't get mixed up.

SpOonWiZaRd 21Jan2009 02:04

Re: Languages Must for a hacker
To start you will need to know and play with SQL, PHP, Java. Later you can go to C and C++. Read up on Javascript injections, SQL inhections and then HTML.

fourthdimension 21Jan2009 03:26

Re: Languages Must for a hacker
Here are the best sites to learn from:
www.hackthissite.org (mostly web hacking)
and some more hacker forums:
and a hacker wargame site:

Hands on is always best. It's good to learn the languages while you learn how you'll end up using them.

raji10k 21Jan2009 14:52

Re: Languages Must for a hacker
Thanks for the suggestion.
Thank You very much

SpOonWiZaRd 21Jan2009 17:50

Re: Languages Must for a hacker
Or any of the links in this link http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=7733

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