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orbit336 20Jan2009 04:03

I am being harassed via email!! HELP
:cryin: I have someone who is harassing me through email for 3 years now. I have blocked him but he just creates another email address. I have reported his emails (since they are either threatening or sexually disgusting) to all of his service providers. He is aware of this but still hasn't stopped. As a matter of fact, he is now using websites to email me through. I have over 500 emails from him in which I have NOT responded. He threatens to come find me (which he has now found my physical address) and that is why I am saving them. I am hoping they will help me keep him in jail after he is arrested if or when he shows up. Can someone help me send him a virus?? Of course I would love one that would destroy his C drive. But, any will do. It isn't right for anyone to have to deal with this and I am personally tired of it. I feel like I can't delete my email account since I have all of his messages saved. I am just stuck dealing with it. If anyone has any suggestions on ways to stop him, send him a virus, or anything I would appreciate it so much.

fourthdimension 20Jan2009 04:44

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
This seems like more than just a cyber-harassment case. If he is actually threatening to find you, then this is a matter for the police. I'd contact them and show them the emails. They'll take care of things from there. Sending him a virus would seem like an easy way to solve the problem, but if you think it through, it doesn't really help much. If he's sent you that many emails, he'll have your address memorized by now. If he's sending from multiple accounts, then he's most likely not using a desktop client but multiple webmail servers, which he would still be able to access even if we sent you code that would burn his HDD to a crisp. And if he had any inking that it came from you and he knows where you live, that has the potential to become a pretty undesirable situation. You're doing the right thing by not responding. As far as emails go, depending on your mail client, you can set up filters to disallow messages from anyone besides the people on your contacts list, but the real issue here is the content of those emails. If he's threatening you, you need to get the police involved, for your own protection. But from your message, I'm not sure if you've already done that. If you have and the physical threat has been addressed, then I'd set up a mail filter to remove the aggravation of all those emails. As far as sending him a virus... I'm not sure what that would solve. Revenge, sure. But if it was traced back to you, you may have a hard time putting that into a "self-defence" context. In other words, it would be justified, but most likely end up just getting you into trouble.

orbit336 20Jan2009 05:41

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
I set filter's a long time ago. All of his emails got to a specific folder NOT my inbox. As far as him threatening to find me, he could, he has found my address but he has been threatening this for years now. He is currently living in Dallas but his home state is California which he does visit. The police have been contacted but can't do a whole lot unless he comes here. He did a search on my address and the name that came up is the 60 year old man that I am renting from. But, this person thinks that I (36 years of age) am living with him. He also thinks this man is shooting me up with drugs and he is going to come take me away. He is just a ridiculous, pitiful, desparate, sorry excuse for a man. And he very wrong about who I am with and what I am doing. In a way, I wish he would show up because I am with a very strong and big man that is a few years older than me and he would never let this person near me. Then we would have the pleasure of calling the cops and having him arrrested. As far as sending the virus, I know it wouldn't stop him and I don't care if he knows it is from me. He knows I have been blocking him and he knows I have even reported his emails to their providers. But, yet he just continues. Now he is using these other websites and I have reported that too. They have responded and they will have to block me from using their website in order to block him and that is fine with me. He is such an irritation for me and I would so love to be an irritation for him even if it is only for a short time. He refuses to take no for an answer. I have said no in so many different ways and sending him a virus is just another way for me to say "leave me alone" Instead of sending him a virus, I would settle for a way to set up an auto response. Every time that he sent me an email he would receive an auto response saying "this user is not accepting emails from you" or "this account is no longer valid" or something like that. Would you know anything about that?? It is terrible that you can be harassed like this for so long without any consequences and I am forced to just deal with it. I realize that I have the choice of not reading them or I could just completely block him. But, until I reported his emails he was very unsure whether I was receiving his messages and he still was sending 1-5 emails a day. I don't want to just not "see" that he is emailing me while he just continues. I want him to either know he is blocked or think that I deleted my account. Thank you so much for your response. I can't tell you how much I appreciate anything that you do or suggest.

fourthdimension 20Jan2009 06:01

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
I see.
As far as the auto-response goes, which mail client are you using? I'll give you a walk-through.
As far as making your account appear to be shut down, that's a little more difficult, since the messages he would receive come from his webmail servers, not your address. We would have to do some email spoofing for that, and customize each message for the webmail server it was sent from. If he's sending you a large amount of mail, that could get quite tedious. Possible, yes. Practical? Maybe. We would need real invalid address messages from those servers, which would mean we'd need test accounts on all of them. Then we'd need to customize those messages for the messages that he sent, find an open smtp server, telnet in and type up the entire message, spoof the server address, and then send the message for each message that you receive.
As far as sending a virus goes, I, and whichever other hackers are on these forums, would be wary of posting code knowing it would be used for illegal (although justified) purposes, since according to US law, that be a crime. But if you really want to send one, I'd suggest learning a bit of batch. It's a scripting language, but nothing to be scared of. It's very easy, and there are great guides for it all over the internet. If all you want to do is mess up his drive, you could get that done in 5 or 6 lines of code. There's even a nice tutorial on creating a batch virus on this site (in the articles section, I think). Just don't test it on your own machine. Ask around if it will work, or test it in a virtual machine (innotek virtualbox, for one). But again... I wouldn't recommend the virus approach. If this situation turns into a legal battle, you don't want to have cybercrime hanging over your head when you press charges.

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 20Jan2009 11:18

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
Don't post your email in public,however i will like to know what email service you're using so we can be more helpful.
You're more than welcome to contact me via private message.

By the way ...after 3 years theres more on that story you're not telling.

orbit336 20Jan2009 11:18

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
The auto-response seems to be the most reasonable, realistic, and easiest. This guy has already taken up to much of my time and don't want to give him any more than I have too. I use yahoo for my email. I saw how to do a vacation auto-response and I thought it would only go to the people in your contact list. So, I deleted ALL my contacts and put all 13 of his emails in my contact list. After doing all of that, I was informed that it would be sent to ANYONE who sent me an email and that is not what I wanted. What a waste of time. You know a way to set up an auto response just for his emails? That would be awesome. Thanks so much for your time and help!

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 20Jan2009 11:44

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
the yahoo autoresponse will work on all contacts. You need to email your contacts and notify them about a new email adress you'll open.
Now by this you can learn 2 basic things....

1- after you notify all your contacts about your new email, set the auto-response,and eventually the harraser will give.
2- if the harraser still find your new email adress,it means one of your contacts is associated with him somehow.

The best to set the auto esponder,send an email to a very crazy email adress,it will come back with mailer daemon blah blah,cpy and paste evrything in the auto responder,that'll make look more real.

xpi0t0s 20Jan2009 16:32

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
In your situation I would recommend abandoning Yahoo mail. It's not up to your requirements as an advanced email user (even the paid version isn't).

My suggestion is that if you can filter all his emails to a folder, then just use a sensible client like Mozilla Thunderbird where the filter rules can be setup not just to move to a folder but also to delete the message unread. Then you won't even see messages that he sends you, until he changes his email address, at which point you just add the new address to the same filter. If he gets himself a domain and starts using random addresses to get around the limitation, then you can easily just block the whole domain.

Email software is a lot more flexible than webmail which is usually a fairly simple interface. In Thunderbird you have unlimited mail filters (not just 15 as in Yahoo, and not just 50 in the paid version) and the filter rules are a lot more flexible; you can combine rules, you have more choices than just "move to folder", you can filter based on custom email headers.

If you still want webmail then I can recommend GoogleMail; this gives you free POP access, which is what you need to run your email through something like Thunderbird. If you mainly access your email from one place then that's the configuration I would recommend; if you _exclusively_ access your email from one computer then consider abandoning webmail altogether and using a "normal" (i.e. non-webmail) email provider and downloading messages directly from them with Thunderbird.

However GoogleMail as a webmail provider with free POP access in conjunction with Thunderbird could be the best setup for you. It does mean though that when you access your email from somewhere else using the web interface you will see his emails.

Zero response is the best response. Seriously. Any response will only encourage this perv. Do not try to pester him, do not try to send him a virus, do not reply or respond in any way whatsoever either manually or automatically. And don't wind yourself up by reading his emails. Rise above it; you will feel better about yourself that way than if you sink to his level. Just think of him as an annoying child that just wants attention and doesn't care what kind of attention he gets, and when he realises that he's not going to get any more from you then he'll have to go elsewhere to get his fix. Re-reading your messages it sounds like he's just saying what he needs to say in order to get a response, and just upping the ante to ensure continued response.

Also make sure a couple of your close friends know about this and can help you through it. Learn to laugh at him and you'll remove every last power he has over you.

Actually just checking, GoogleMail also allows for unlimited filters and more rules (specifically it includes a "delete message" option). So perhaps all you need to do is switch from Yahoo to GoogleMail.

Be careful where you post your new Googlemail address. Give it to your friends of course, but use something like SpamGourmet if you're going to post it anywhere else. He'll probably get the new address eventually, but just filter and ignore, filter and ignore. Don't think of "no response" simply as no response but as a very positive statement, which it is!

fourthdimension 20Jan2009 17:37

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
I agree. Yahoo's filters are pretty limited, and gmail's are quite robust. And for all the hassle you're willing to go through to send him a virus, informing your old contacts of a new address seems like a little thing. Gmail should be able to do what you need.
I apologize if it seems like we're sitting back and judging your response to your situation without understanding what's going on (which in a way, we are). But I know I can speak for most here when I say that we just don't want to see you get into trouble by responding with a virus or something similar. It's best to recommend the simpler things -- getting a better mail client and setting up good filters and things of that nature that would address your situation without escalating it.

fourthdimension 20Jan2009 19:58

Re: I am being harassed via email!! HELP
Well, I lost my edit button, so sorry for the double post.
I just had another thought, though. You can try to create a filter in yahoo where the from header does not contain any of your contacts' emails and send all that mail to your folder or to the trash. Not nearly as good as what you can do with gmail, but if you don't want to change your address... this might get the job done.

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