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Alex1239 17Jan2009 20:58

How to increase site visitors using Lists
I have observed one thing about successful bloggers which has helped them to drive tremendous traffic. These bloggers have specific method of writing posts which not only helps them in driving high traffic but also helps their blog visitors in reading blog posts with ease. Now, you must be wondering what is this method actually?? Don’t worry guys, i have written this article for informing you about this method itself.

The method of writing article is using list in your articles. I will explain you how to do this. I will demonstrate this method by implementing this method in this post itself. I have provided you with 5 reasons why you should use lists in your blog posts:

1. Consider yourself as a reader:

Yes, consider yourself as reader. Now, think as if you are reading 2 articles in two different cases:
a. First article- divided only in paragraphs or worser- single continuous paragraph. And
b. Second article- listing its points in form of numbers and providing short description of each point just below the point.
Surely , you will like the second article….Right?? Yes.

2. Laziness of netizens/readers:

Readers are basically very lazy when it comes to reading an article. So, if you list your points, they can develop their interest in article and its points, thus making them to read your article. And this is what you want…

3. Helps author:

This method helps a lot the author who is writing the article. The author only needs to put his ideas in points and place it infront of readers.

4. Increases chances of backlinking:

Mentioning your ideas as lists increases your chances of backlinks. It is seen that bloggers like linking to posts with lists. Increase in number of backlinks, helps you in increasing pagerank and thus increasing traffic.

5. Look:

Lists look neat. They are helpful in gaining first impression of your post. You might think of word “First impression” as orthodox. But, friends, this First impression decides the readability of your article.

So friends, i think i have successfully demonstrated use of lists in blog posts. There are few other popular methods of writing articles. I will mention about these methods in my future posts. In the mean time, you can express your views about article in comments section.

shabbir 20Jan2009 15:48

Re: How to increase site visitors using Lists
Really good basics and I like your first one which is the one I have always concentrated on.

NDL 21Jan2009 08:19

Re: How to increase site visitors using Lists
really nice!

mikecriss 27Jan2009 21:40

Re: How to increase site visitors using Lists
thanks for the information ....

TriG0rZ 30Jan2009 01:24

Re: How to increase site visitors using Lists
amazing, really information in condese form and easy to understand! nice work :)

dsouza 2Feb2009 15:03

Re: How to increase site visitors using Lists
Nice information, thanks

shabbir 4Feb2009 11:00

Re: How to increase site visitors using Lists
Nomination for article of the month for January 2009 Started

Jamesw 10Feb2009 17:08

Re: How to increase site visitors using Lists
This is really nice post.
It will helpful to those who have no idea about it.
You have nicely described.

vks21 25Feb2009 11:33

Re: How to increase site visitors using Lists
I really like these type of information.These points are very valuable.. but this is a vast concept.so everyday we gonna read a new thing about this..

harry555 21Apr2009 14:50

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