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magk123 15Jan2009 20:50

debugging questions
hello guys.......... i need ur help on some effective debugging questions............. i need them for a competetion in my college.............so i wud be greatful for any help from ur side :happy:

magk123 15Jan2009 21:55

debugging questions
hi guys i need some questions for c debugging.......... can u help me wit some links r questions...........whichever.......i wud be greatful if u cud mail it my id

xpi0t0s 15Jan2009 22:41

Re: debugging questions
I don't understand what you're asking. How do you debug a question?

Or do you mean you have some questions that need answering, and instead of asking those questions you're taking a rather cryptic route of asking us first if we can answer the questions without knowing what those questions are?

If it's for a competeteteteioioteteion, who gteteteetetees the prize if you win? Do we get it; will you donate to the site, or is the plan that we do all the hard work and let you take the money?

magk123 15Jan2009 22:44

Re: debugging questions
nooooooo ur mistaken............. i need questions for C DEBUGGING............. for an event in my coll.......... get me now?

xpi0t0s 15Jan2009 22:55

Re: debugging questions
I'm mistaken. That's rich. What is a "question for C debugging"? Can you give an example of one?

magk123 15Jan2009 23:02

Re: debugging questions
1.void main()
int const * p=5;
Compiler error: Cannot modify a constant value.
p is a pointer to a "constant integer". But we tried to change the value of the "constant integer".

i think tis cud make u get wat i need

shabbir 15Jan2009 23:16

Re: debugging questions
Check the following links

100 Multiple choice questions in C
Some Multiple choice questions in C
Multiple Choice Questions in C (Answers not given)

magk123 15Jan2009 23:22

Re: debugging questions
thanks a lot mr shabbir......... i guess tis will be enough for now.......... ill look into it n if i need more then im sorry ill have to cme back to u :happy:

muthu4love 25Aug2009 23:06

Re: debugging questions
hi friends i am new to the forum.can you give a bulk of debugging questions in c,c++ & java which will make me easy to prepare for competitive exams.i will be grateful to u if u sent the questions to rmuthu18@yahoo.com

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