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alee 14Jan2009 20:48

Hook windows logon/logoff events
I am having a service which would be running at SYSTEM level. Now, i want to track the logged on user in it. Earlier i was trying to get the logged in user name from GetUserName api but in my case it returns "SYSTEM" every time.

Is there anyway to get logged on username in my case? or is there any hook that i can install so that i may get which user logged on?

P.S: I am mainly working in Delphi 2007 but these question are win32 (native api) specific thats why posting in this sectrion

xpi0t0s 14Jan2009 21:10

Re: Hook windows logon/logoff events
What if multiple users are logged on at the same time?

alee 14Jan2009 21:16

Re: Hook windows logon/logoff events

Originally Posted by xpi0t0s (Post 41492)
What if multiple users are logged on at the same time?

I am only concerned with the "interactive users" i.e the person who is sitting infront of the system and using the physical keyboard/mouse attached to that particular system.

Actually, the application targeted users are those who are running computer in local network, so there are almost zero chances that there will be any "remote" user logged on to that particular system.

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