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annemarie 14Jan2009 02:21

MySQL and phpbb working together
I am working with a phpbb forum and a MySQL database. I have a php form that sends registration info to the MySQL database. Now I want to try to take that info in the database and be able to automatically move it over (upon completion of registration) to a similar MySQL phpbb database that contains username, password, etc. info for accessing the phpbb forum.

First, perhaps I should ask, can this be done at all? I'm a beginner at this and don't know if I'm in over my head. It would just be nice to automate the phpbb forum registration by just putting info into the phpbb database so as to eliminate that manual work...

I noticed several fields like the password field in the phpbb database are coded in cp1252. Is there a way for me to convert my info from the registration form to cp1252 to input into the phpbb database?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! My main goal through this process is to automate phpbb forum registration. If anyone has other suggestions for accomplishing this, please feel free to let me know!


annemarie 15Jan2009 22:07

Re: MySQL and phpbb working together
In case anyone else is interested, I found this website that might be helpful:


I'm going to give some of their tips a try.

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