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Nukegirl 13Jan2009 08:42

Help using websnake-can't open spark file

I have mirrored a site to websnake and its a 56K file that is a spark file and i cannot open it. I know if i can view it I can find the info that i need. Can someone help?

fourthdimension 13Jan2009 10:13

Re: Help using websnake-can't open spark file
I'm unfamiliar with spark, but is this what you're looking for?
It's a plugin for eclipse that lets you view/edit/debug spark files.

Nukegirl 13Jan2009 19:28

Re: Help using websnake-can't open spark file
Would there be an easier way to view a password restricted forum that has java frame scripts?

fourthdimension 13Jan2009 23:10

Re: Help using websnake-can't open spark file
That would depend on the forum. Do you mean the restricted content is in js, or the authentication form is in js, or a js frame allows you to view restricted content... etc. You may find that learning a bit about javascript injections might answer your question. If it's simply bypassing authentication that you want, you can check out some techniques for that and get some hands-on practice at hackthissite.org. Sorry I can't give you a more specific answer, but without seeing the site, I don't really know exactly what you're asking for. And no, that was not a request for you to send me the site because I think that's against the forum rules. But the more information you could give about it and what you're trying to do, the more information I can give you about it.

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