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colors 9Jan2009 17:22

Should I change something ?
Hi everyone !

Please review mycoloredlinks.com. Should I change the black background or not ? Some people say I should but this is the only color wich makes the colors of the links more pronounced. What do you think ?

shabbir 9Jan2009 18:37

Re: Should I change something ?
Couple of things.

You are allowed to ask for review after you review 3 other sites.
Use signature to link to your sites.

Angela Brown488 18Mar2009 13:16

Re: Should I change something ?
ur design there is awesome
it is so colorful, i dun know but it makes me happier...(color therapy)
I checked the usability of the function of adding links there, and everything goes ok until link was submitted
Afer this stage, the site did not inform me of the result , it just said "Thank you for your submission"
I mean, it doesnot specify a certain period after which the link will appear in the directory
Other than this point, ur site is great

artsandcrafts 14Aug2009 13:03

Re: Should I change something ?
nice site u doing a great job.Please dont change the colour of the site.

naimish 14Aug2009 14:35

Re: Should I change something ?
He didn't replied after long time thought, I think it was jst for advert !!!!

mayjune 15Aug2009 00:15

Re: Should I change something ?
site looks nice...something refreshing..

cignusweb 15Aug2009 10:12

Re: Should I change something ?
your site looks nice to me. I think you should stick with as it is.

yohan 1Sep2009 04:33

Re: Should I change something ?
I like the color and design. I just don't like the font size. Some of the other links are too big while some are small.

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