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cpulocksmith 5Jan2009 10:31

how can i stay invisable to admin.
ok well at school in the library we can connect are laptops to the network wireless at will. and this is great, or it would be if the librarian was not such a ... well to clean it up and not offend anyone, a not nice person. she will kick anyone off the network and not allow you to log back on for the rest of the day if you do anything that is not work related. like check email, play flash games, read manga online anything like than, if you are not doing school work you get the BAN!... this upsets me...and i would like to know if there was a way that i could make myself invisible to her, so she could not see what it is i am doing, so she would not even know i am there. anyone have any ideas? short of murder?lol

xpi0t0s 5Jan2009 13:27

Re: how can i stay invisable to admin.
This is not an ethical hacking question. The school is 100% within its rights to determine what its internet connection should be used for, just as you are if you pay for your own private connection (you wouldn't necessarily want your neighbours downloading kiddie porn for example, and neither would you be impressed if your neighbour posted to a forum something like "my neighbour cpulocksmith is such an asshole, he won't let me use his internet connection for free to do illegal stuff").

If that upsets you then that's just tough doo-doos. Get over it.

The day kick-off is probably a warning; check your school's policy. Repeated violations and attempts to get around the kick-off may result in your internet access being revoked completely and possibly further disciplinary actions taken.

cpulocksmith 5Jan2009 14:42

Re: how can i stay invisable to admin.
well ok i am not that upset, it is nothing but a minor inconvenience. and you do bring up a good point with the, it is fully within there right but the only reason i would even think about trying something like this, is that she is not really the librarian, she is more of an underling of the main librarian, and he says it is fine to go on such sites as long as no one needs the computer you are using, and since i am on my own computer he does not really care what i am doing as long as it is not destructive in anyway. so it is more like a 50/50 chance of having the good guy or the evil chick. but i guess you are right in the fact that i should just drop the whole thing...

xpi0t0s 5Jan2009 14:56

Re: how can i stay invisable to admin.
Probably then he's got the tech skills to back up giving you free reign, or maybe he trusts you and understands that you can do whatever you like on your own computer. Any maybe the assistant doesn't have those skills/understanding/trust and it's just easier for him to tell her "no non-school related internet activity and here's how to ban someone for the day".

Is there any way you can check who's on before accessing the net? Or is the only way to find out to risk a ban?

Alternatively perhaps you could ask him to make you an exception when she's covering for him; if you have a good relationship with him then this may be a viable solution. Especially if you offer to help him out, maybe by offering to put a pile of returned books back on their respective shelves when you're in. And doing the same when she's in may also score you some points with her, if she can see you're helpful and trustworthy then she may give you a bit more leeway when she sees you on her monitor again. Don't view her as an "evil chick" but as someone trying to do her job as best she can.

shabbir 5Jan2009 15:05

Re: how can i stay invisable to admin.
Now here is how I would make it Ethical one.

Is there any one in my network who can do something that I am not able to see it.

There are 2 sides of the coin and so its good to know what could be the other side of it as well.

Just to clarify why I did not close this thread seeing the first post :hurray:

neo_vi 5Jan2009 21:30

Re: how can i stay invisable to admin.
ya. pretty suitable answer from the admin. Mostly all rules are meant to be broken. If we did a thing which shouldn't be done there(for e.g playing games in the library) that's a reputation for that kid. and some one like locksmith wanna think about logging into g4ef and spend his time rather than looking on to books. So nothing is an offence. U can very well cheat the librarian by some programs, and Do GOOD activity, dont even let this trick to ur friends, as they might do something bad. And atlast u'll be their problem's origin. So U shud know wat sort of program they use to monitor ur activity. U can try programs like spoofing the MAC address or so. So 1st know wat sort of thing they re using, then u can find a solution. Viable solution can be found in 2 ways, one is to agree with the person, and another one is to cheat.

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