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hanleyhansen 5Jan2009 03:10

Board Game
I have to do a project for my english class on The Crucible and I was thinking I can make a quick simple board game that focuses on the plot, elements, and vocabulary. What language do you recommned me doing it in? Or does anybody have the source code for a like a monopoly style board game that I could just edit to fit my project? Any help is greatly appreciated as this project is due tomorrow!!

nInE-tAIls 21Jan2009 19:05

Re: Board Game
Can you give me what is the scope of your project. I'm willing to help. :D

hanleyhansen 21Jan2009 19:38

Re: Board Game
I finished the project already but I'm still interested in hearing your opinion and suggestions. I was supposed to make a board game or any type of game that involves and includes the vocabulary themes and elements of the play The Crucible. how would you go about it?

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