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hanleyhansen 31Dec2008 00:44

Remote Administration Tool
I'm looking for a good remote administration tool for either Windows or Linux. Hopefully something powerful. Any ideas or suggestions?

shabbir 31Dec2008 10:14

Re: Remote Administration Tool
gotomypc is one of them you can look into

neo_vi 31Dec2008 13:35

Re: Remote Administration Tool
logmein is also much popular. U can use either one of it.

hanleyhansen 31Dec2008 21:42

Re: Remote Administration Tool
Yeah those are great, but I was looking for a hacking RAT. Like a trojan type RAT. Or any advice on how to make one?

neo_vi 1Jan2009 14:07

Re: Remote Administration Tool
then u can go 4 turkojan, sub7 etc. But making a new one is difficult i think.

fourthdimension 13Jan2009 00:39

Re: Remote Administration Tool
Sub7 is very robust and can do just about anything you'll need. You can bind it to just about any other file, disguise it multiple different ways, and pretty much do whatever you want with it.

fourthdimension 13Jan2009 00:48

Re: Remote Administration Tool
Sorry for the double post, but I didn't see any edit function.
About making your own, it depends on if you need a gui or not. If all you need is a shell, one way to do it is to just create a trojan that sets up an ssh server on the remote machine. If you need user login info first, just incorporate that into your trojan. A gui would complicate things, but if you do some research about X/display forwarding and ask/search for the right questions on programming forums, you'll have all the information you need.

shabbir 13Jan2009 09:52

Re: Remote Administration Tool
The edit button should be there now for you fourthdimension.

fourthdimension 13Jan2009 09:55

Re: Remote Administration Tool

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 41418)
The edit button should be there now for you fourthdimension.

Thanks. Yeah, it's there now for my new posts. Glad I passed the minimum post count. :)

jervyn 1Jun2009 22:26

Re: Remote Administration Tool
i want to learn how to make RAt

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