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Cosmo 29Dec2008 12:46

Strange My Space Logging Issue.

I have a strange logging issue on when I log in from my computer at home to My Space. Usually, when I log in at home it directs me to the Log out page and I have to click on ¨Go back to Home Page¨ in order to type in my password again. This is the part that concerns me, I have to go back and type in the password again. Sounds like a Trojan to me in a way, I thought it could be a Trojan Sub7 because of the fact that I have to type in the password again, sounds like a functionality of the key logger but I am not sure.

This only happens when I log in to myspace from my computer, not from any other computer. I have scanned the computer several times with the Trend Micro anti virus, but other from a couple of profiling cookies I have not found anything else. Unless that the Trojan was hidden on the profiling cookies which I'm not sure is possible, as far as I know, Trojans usually come hidden as mail.

Any thoughts on this?

neo_vi 29Dec2008 20:17

Re: Strange My Space Logging Issue.
u re being phished by some one. Pls run an good antivirus+antispyware..

shabbir 29Dec2008 20:48

Re: Strange My Space Logging Issue.
If the problem is only on MySpace logging then you should scan with some better AVs but if its consistent with the browser then you should see some browser settings and cookies stuff.

Cosmo 30Dec2008 03:01

Re: Strange My Space Logging Issue.
Thank u guys, I actually reset the web settings on Mozilla and that seem to fix it. I don't know why I never thought about testing it on a different browser. I went into IE7 and it let me log in ok so I figured it was related to the browser (duh!) Lol. Thanks anyways. ;-)

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