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thiagaraj005 29Dec2008 11:27

hey in my college they use a firewall named fortiguard... can anyone help me to bypass this software... its so rude not allowing any proxy...

neo_vi 29Dec2008 20:19

Re: Fortiguard

i hope these links can help u

thiagaraj005 30Dec2008 09:52

Re: Fortiguard
i couldnt find anything useful there.. anyway thanx for your reply

neo_vi 31Dec2008 16:05

Re: Fortiguard
replace _ by 'tt'
Try this one. It has got some good stuff.

fourthdimension 13Jan2009 02:01

Re: Fortiguard
There's one surefire way that I know of... set up an ssh server on an outside computer, then tunnel all your traffic through it. Plenty of tutorials for both of those activities on google. It's very easy to do. Might be a bit slower, but since you can change the port that sshd listens on, you can always tunnel your traffic through an unblocked port. A nice bonus is that all your traffic will now be encrypted.

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