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Tretch 18Dec2008 01:06

Expert needed

I am looking for an expert that could write a stealth keylogger for me. The trick is that is has to be undetectable by Avast A-V.
Another prerequisite is for it not to be detected by the Avast Scanner itself and the Avast Resident Scanner.

It also must be able to be installed remotely, through email, without Yahoo/Gmail/Windows Live Mail scanners detecting it.

As for features, basic keylogger with screenshots and emailing the logs will suffice.

If anyone is up to the task, please PM me to discuss time-frame and payment.



xpi0t0s 18Dec2008 02:30

Re: Expert needed
It's unlikely to be possible, because to write a keylogger you have to call a Windows hook to hook into the OS keyboard loop, and that's what the AV looks for. What you would have to do to make it undetectable by AV is (a) rewrite the Windows keyboard handling stuff or (b) use an external keylogger that goes between the keyboard and PC.

Tretch 21Dec2008 16:49

Re: Expert needed
Hi xpi0t0s,

Thanks for the suggestions. Option B is out of the question.
With regards to option A, please email me directly if there are possibilities to do it remotely or write piece of software which could be then run on the computer in question.


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