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plugsharma 17Dec2008 20:12

Clustered and Non-clustered Index
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I have one table having more than 3 millions rows with following columns:














I am using 8 different queries, all thru stored procedure, to fetch data.

SITE_ID, USER_NAME, ORG_NAME and ACTION are in all queries WHERE clause.

I have created SITE_ID as non-unique clustered index and USER_NAME, ORG_NAME and ACTION as non-unique non-clustered index.

Problem is that data fetching without indexs is faster than when creating idex.

Is there any problem in index columns.

Can you please suggest me a better index plan.

I have attached the queries / column table image file.

Please help..



shabbir 17Dec2008 20:14

Re: Clustered and Non-clustered Index
Moved to database forums for better response.

plugsharma 17Dec2008 20:28

Re: Clustered and Non-clustered Index

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