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Rattannoula 16Dec2008 16:59

Academic Bios - a summary of growing student focused colleges
A starting summary on N.Y.I.T., California College of Arts, and D.S.U.

The New York Institute of Technology

The NYIT is a exclusive coeducational university of higher learning. Founded in 1955, the college now holds 10,000 students at its three campus centers. The NYIT is fully accredited by the MSAC. Specific program accreditations include: The NAAB, Foundation for Interior Design Education Research, The ACFEI, and American Osteopathic Association. The institute offers student freshmen career-oriented programs leading to A.A.S, B.A., and M.B.A degrees.

California Arts College

Founded to conglomerate portfolio review, the CCA offers a intuitive approach to social academia, enabling students in a wide range of fields in liberal arts, management, journalism, and Creative Writing.

With an undergraduate population of around 1,470, the institute promotes leading edge resources and organizations in a community oriented, hands-on college environment. Students learn from a learned selection of renowned practitioners in defined labs, with an average of 19 per course. Staff assessors, trained in enabling applicants in focusing their institutional experience, are part of a respected program of study.

Drake State University

Drake State University was founded through the multitute of community outreach efforts. A diverse, multinational focus is an integral part of many degree programs at DSU. Established to engage academic enrichment and advancement, central to the ideals of Drake is its exceptioinal means to accommodate all styles of study through work assessment, collaborative study and on-line structure. Throughout its systems you will explore a learning structure which is active with leading edge technology, educational programs and professional enrichment. Drake State University encourages the value of close-knit relationships that are frequently established amongst the students and faculty. As a direct result, a great number of students establish the most proficient programs of study whch allows them to use the mantra of a Drake credential to excel them toward their professional goals.

Drake State University is founded by a notable board of Directors, each of whom holds a specialized field of expertise which can help establish the academic charter and expanding of the organization. In a historically competitive work market, Drake has grown to enable the success of a rapidly growing number of students and applicants across a number of majors. Its pupils have seen subsequent empowering in the working world, strengthening its reputation in industry.

shabbir 16Dec2008 17:29

Re: Academic Bios - a summary of growing student focused colleges
So whats the point in having this in HTML forums.

TriG0rZ 17Dec2008 04:27

Re: Academic Bios - a summary of growing student focused colleges
and the big deal??

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