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libervisco 27Aug2004 02:19

Ogg vorbis quality and size
It is known that ogg vorbis audio format gives a good quality sound while weighting even less than mp3 in it's file size.

However, in order to get an optimal sound and therefore set the higher birtrates i sometimes get the ogg file the same size as it would be in mp3 while it should really be twice as smaller.

I use winLAME for this. Maybe it's about my encoder. Do you have any recomendations of good free open source encoders that wil convert waws and mp3's into ogg and vice versa.

And at what birtrate does ogg compares with it's sound quality to mp3 at 128 kbps?


shabbir 27Aug2004 08:17

Re: Ogg vorbis quality and size
I would suggest to see

And specially
Ogg Encoder Decoder by MediaTwins s.r.o.

But its not open source.

Open source converters are
MP3 to OGG
MP3 to OGG

But have no idea for wave to Ogg though.

Shabbir Bhimani

libervisco 27Aug2004 09:08

Re: Ogg vorbis quality and size
Thank you.

I'll check those at FilesLand out.

I'll download this one mp3 to ogg and see try it on linux, even if i am currently stuck with windows as primary OS. (not for long i hope) :D


vishal sharma 30Aug2004 10:47

Re: Ogg vorbis quality and size
is Ogg Vorbis better that midi... just asking

libervisco 31Aug2004 02:04

Re: Ogg vorbis quality and size
MIDI is actually not a lossy audio file format or any standard audio file format. It is defined as Musical Instrument Digital Interface and it's a standard interface used on electronic musical keyboards and PCs for computer control of musical instruments and devices. I stole that from google 'cause i didn't know how to explain it. Here are definitions

Ogg is like mp3. It's a lossy audio file format that reduces the size of a file so it can be more easily redistributed and copied, but doesn't loose much or any of the quality. Mp3 is good, but ogg is in many cases better since it can be even double as small as mp3 for the same sound quality. It's compression is therefore even better than mp3 and yet better, it's open source.


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