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divinequran 14Dec2008 20:33

screen goes blank

I use win-xp, my screen goes blank suddenly i thought it as memory issues and increase memory capacity or RAM. but the does not ends with it, still the screen goes blank and sometime it recovers itself after 2 or 5 minutes or i have to restart the system. please help..

shabbir 14Dec2008 20:38

Re: screen goes blank
Are you sure its not a hardware or connectivity problem with your Monitor?

divinequran 15Dec2008 20:43

Re: screen goes blank
yes, it is not any connectivity problem i have also checked it, the green led is on and VGA connector is also plugged properly.

neo_vi 16Dec2008 16:09

Re: screen goes blank
Is it BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH? its called BSOD in short. It apperas if there is any IRQ mismatch.

divinequran 18Dec2008 22:28

Re: screen goes blank
It is not a blue screen, it looks like normal black screen mixed with blue and brown which again looks like a black screen. sometimes i am able to see the white mouse cursor on the screen. what is that BSOD?

neo_vi 19Dec2008 11:20

Re: screen goes blank

Jiraiya 19Dec2008 12:31

Re: screen goes blank
do you have any important files on it if not would probably just reinstall your system

divinequran 20Dec2008 21:13

Re: screen goes blank
Thanks for all your replies, i am just going to reinstall it this sunday. I consulted my hardware engineer he too said to reinstall the system.

growingboy 21Dec2008 13:26

Re: screen goes blank
Install linux man. U won't be getting problems like this.

shabbir 21Dec2008 14:02

Re: screen goes blank

Originally Posted by growingboy (Post 40465)
Install linux man. U won't be getting problems like this.

If hardware fails Linux also cannot do anything.

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