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dreams 12Dec2008 22:38

bad sector in hard drive
i have a hard disk which has a lots of bad sectors at a certain drive.i am using this hard disk as a slave in my computer.i haven't installed any os on this disk.This hard disk usually hangs my computer.when i remove this disk,my computer operates smmothly.Now i wanted to install an os and use it on another computer.how can i use this hard disk for problem free operation.

shabbir 12Dec2008 23:39

Re: bad sector in hard drive
Try a low level formating

neo_vi 13Dec2008 11:27

Re: bad sector in hard drive
format the HDD. since it is a slave i assume no partitions in it. It will be a single drive in My computer.
goto command prompt. go to the slave hdd's drive. and type

chkdsk /x
If it asks for confirmation give 'y'. IF this doesn't solve ur problem u need to run any other program such as Tune up's disk doctor. or any defragmanter like Perfect disk , diskeeper.

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