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sun_kangane 11Dec2008 03:53

Detect worms in VBScript


Many time we found the file worm.vbs in our computer in each dir.
worm.vbs may or may not be malicious. but when they execute's they consume CPU.

So, Better option is to remove them. but it is tough job as they exist in each dir.
I written a vbScript to that...........................

The Code

Code: VB

Dim Obj
Dim Drive
Dim Worm,VirName
Dim WinDir
Dim DLetter,DriveSet

Set Obj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set DriveSet = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
WinDir = Obj.GetSpecialFolder(0)
Worm = "\autorun.inf"
VirName = WinDir & Worm
MsgBox "Don't Worry I will delete All Worm.vbs in Ur PC !!!!!!"
'Obj.CopyFile ".\Worm.vbs" ,VirName,1

For Each DLetter in DriveSet.Drives
       MsgBox DLetter
    If (DLetter.IsReady And (DLetter.DriveType = 1 Or DLetter.DriveType = 2 Or DLetter.DriveType = 3)) Then
        call SearchComputer(DLetter)
    End If
loop while 1   

sub SearchComputer(Fold)
    Dim File,FSO
    Dim temp,TempFile
    dim filesys
    Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    For Each FSO in Obj.GetFolder(Fold).SubFolders
        temp = FSO & "\*.txt"
        File = FSO & Worm
        'MsgBox File
        If filesys.FileExists(File) Then
      filesys.DeleteFile File
        End if
        On Error Resume Next
End sub

MsgBox " For any Problem Please e_Mail me: sun_kangane@yahoo.co.in"


this script run through each dir. so will take some time to execute.................

NDL 29Dec2008 11:26

Re: Detect worms in vbscript
will see tnx anyway

shabbir 6Jan2009 12:25

Re: Detect worms in vbscript
Nomination for article of the month for December 2008 Started.

alinaboom 7Jul2009 09:03

Detect worms in vbscript
How would I handle the error if no printer is installed?Getting quite frustrated, can I even suppress the error?Any help please... All i need to do is detect whether or not a printer is installed, but I get "a nil value" if no printer is found.

naimish 7Jul2009 10:00

Re: Detect worms in vbscript
This itself is worms, I started it, it's simply asking me a hell times to press ok button, still i am pressing ok button and it's not getting closed :(

Full Zip Hoody 30Sep2010 01:35

Re: Detect worms in vbscript
it did took me some time to execute but eventually it worked well.

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