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hnaya 10Dec2008 02:07

Cashier Program
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Hi this is my first simple project for my school
so I decided to show this program to the expert people in your website
to give me advices and ideas how can I develop my project
and make it more efficient and professional
================================================== =====
This is program using for super market as a Cashier which deal with Bar Code (using Visual basic 6)
Enter the data :

you can just fill the fields for Item and click save so
the program will save the information in file( password for save is 11 )
when you enter the Bar Code number the program show the product information
example : Type number 1 in Item code
it will show
Milk , 0.350 kg , 0.300
TO LOGING to program
How to use :

Step 1 : when u Enter the item code number for the item and Quantity
of item Press Enter Button on the screen to be add to the Report
Step 2 : Repeat step 1 for more than one item
Step 3 : put Cash Received
Step 4 : Click on Report button

Designed by : ISHAQ

sendul 5May2009 14:42

Re: Cashier Program

i'll try it.....

celeste1127 8Mar2010 06:29

Re: Cashier Program
where is the link to the the program?

jerjeron 18Mar2010 15:29

Re: Cashier Program
hahahahaha....read it its fun

kristineislove 18Mar2010 17:41

Re: Cashier Program
i cant login :(

cyb3rp4nda 1May2010 22:52

Re: Cashier Program
Man i wish i could find one of these in C++, do i have to compile it or?

Semaj2010 17May2010 09:06

Re: Cashier Program
Where's the program Reply pls..

shatta01 1Dec2010 02:05

Re: Cashier Program
i need this cashier program... please reply

pattzi 12May2011 18:59

Re: Cashier Program
I cant open that

myfetouh 29Aug2011 07:10

Re: Cashier Program
how i can open the program?

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