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Carlos 7Dec2008 21:36

Name of language
Hello! can anyone tell me the name of this language??
It's quite different from high-level language.

TEST code:

@echo off
echo Messenger
set /p n=User/IP:
set /p M=Message:
net send %n% %m%
goto A

xpi0t0s 7Dec2008 23:20

Re: Name of language
Looks like a DOS batch file to me; you would save it with a .bat extension.

Carlos 7Dec2008 23:26

Re: Name of language
Ye, u r right, i have saved it with bat extension

neo_vi 8Dec2008 10:57

Re: Name of language
yes this is exactly a batch file. It sends message using net send command. It also has a infinite loop.

set /p n=User/IP:
this line is the victim's IP
the next line is the message.
Seems like a kind of DOS attack.

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