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Xintruder 28Dec2008 11:30

Re: JavaScript For Beginners
Thanks for yor quick response,
Ok, I see it is necessary. But does ++i means increment in ones?

When we did for loops in vb.net, I remember doing something like:
var i as integer
for i = 0 to 10 step one

step one meant to increment by ones. I asked my instructor he said if I had step 2, it will increment in two (ie possibly half of the total number of steps if I had step 2). I have no idea why would someone increment in two or more steps. Why not makes the steps lesser instead. So step one in vb.net = i++ j/script?

neo_vi 28Dec2008 15:21

Re: JavaScript For Beginners
i++ increments the variable only once. if u need to step up by 2, use i=i+2 in the place of i++. or u can also use i+=2.

shabbir 6Jan2009 12:26

Re: JavaScript For Beginners
Nomination for article of the month for December 2008 Started.

oyeLucky 12Jan2009 21:29

Re: JavaScript For Beginners
Nice Article Bro ! Thank you.

sarah_9 5Feb2009 12:53

Re: JavaScript For Beginners

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