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RSspike 5Dec2008 03:43

Hi all,
hope i get some useful tips. completely new to programming. starting with c++. also is it normal practice to study pseudocode to be able to write in a programming language. hope there are some useful forums you can direct me to.

regards to all...

xpi0t0s 5Dec2008 04:10

Re: pseudocode....
I don't know of a pseudocode specific forum. Pseudocode isn't really something you study; it's a half way house between an English description of the code and actual code, intended to get the flow of the code reasonably well sorted in your head without being hindered and distracted by syntax and other trivia. The format of pseudocode is fairly flexible, so the pseudocode to reverse array elements using a stack might run along the lines of:


for each entry in the array (0..end)
  push it onto the stack
for each entry in the array (0..end)
  pop it off the stack

There may be some more formal definitions of pseudocode out there but in general it's fairly informal. The whole point of pseudocode is to avoid all the nitty gritty stuff of a formal language; if you're going to have a detailed pseudocode language then you may as well just write the code directly, or you'll need an intermediate (pseudo-pseudocode, perhaps), to get the flow of the pseudocode sorted in your head first, but that's really missing the point.

RSspike 5Dec2008 04:32

Re: pseudocode....
thank you...
i am using borland turbo c++ ver 4.5 to learn the art of programming
The IDE integrated development environment is 16-bit Windows applications, is this too old
or is it still relevent. sorry to be so vague i stopped learning back in 1983, every thing was in dos, does the industry still fiddle with assembler and machine code. processors architecture have they changed?

shabbir 5Dec2008 09:18

Re: pseudocode....
Moved to programming forum

xpi0t0s 5Dec2008 13:20

Re: pseudocode....
Yeah it's well old, unless you're stuck with an ancient 16-bit version of Windows I'd suggest you let this old software rest in peace. What version of Windows are you using? (The compiler you pick will be dependent on this; it's impossible to recommend a compiler without knowing what OS you're using)

Assembler is still relevant to the industry; processors have changed although some remain backward compatible. What processor(s) are you using?

RSspike 6Dec2008 01:47

Re: pseudocode....
ho well, looks like i'll 'ave to dig deep into my pocket for new software.
at the moment i'm runnin' on ms windows xp ver 2002 with service pk 3
processor is mobile amd sempron, 3000+

please advise....

thanks for your time xpi0t0s

xpi0t0s 6Dec2008 03:16

Re: pseudocode....
You don't need to spend a lot, the Microsoft Visual Studio compilers and tools can be downloaded for free; it's only the IDE you have to pay for. Or there's the Eclipse IDE which you can use with the Gnu compiler collection or other compilers if you like IDEs. A common port to Windows of gcc is MinGW. There's lots of choice before you have to break open your wallet.

Of course, if you WANT to spend cash then go right ahead... :-) I can recommend Visual Studio, it's very good. Borland used to be good but they're like HP now, more about management and getting shoddy products out of the door than about engineering and quality. If you want really good and don't mind spending then go for Visual Studio.

RSspike 6Dec2008 03:40

Re: pseudocode....
thanks for the update on borland.
i'll look into ms visual studio right away.
once again thank you........
expect a few more silly questions from me.... :embarasse

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