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Cosmo 4Dec2008 00:40

Wallpaper issue.
I have Windows XP and lately I get this issue were I have any wallpaper and after a few minutes the wallpaper gets removed and all I see is black screen that I set it as a background for that theme. Is under the Windows XP (Modified). I tried changing the theme to a different one, for example going to My Current theme or Windows XP but still after 5 minutes the wallpaper changes back to the default one.

Also I noticed that now I have the Windows warning message letting me know that I have counterfeit version for windows printed on my screen and I can't get that removed. I was able to fix the issue for a few days. What I did is that I just went and search for a wallpaper in Google and then from the website I just right clicked on the image and selected as a wallpaper, that fixed it for at least 3 days, but then it started over again.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

shabbir 4Dec2008 09:07

Re: Wallpaper issue.
Probably you are hitting the black screen of pirated XP. Check out http://www.codeitwell.com/pirated-xp...n-of-hell.html

If this is the case you should immediately get your XP.

Cosmo 4Dec2008 10:08

Re: Wallpaper issue.
Thanks Shabbir, yeah in deed I have the Black Screen of Hell issue.

neo_vi 5Dec2008 12:26

Re: Wallpaper issue.
just use a WGA crack man. U can easily find that it net. If not feel free to PM me. Windows is not a program. Its not worth buying it.

Cosmo 7Dec2008 03:03

Re: Wallpaper issue.
Thanks Neo, that worked like a charm.

neo_vi 7Dec2008 10:46

Re: Wallpaper issue.

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