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xpi0t0s 2Dec2008 13:51

Reported Post by xpi0t0s
xpi0t0s has reported a post.


Probably doesn't need reporting (it'll be obvious to everyone) but anyway...
Post: Facebook rolls out site browser
Forum: Information Technology
Assigned Moderators: Amit Ray

Posted by: NewsBot
Original Content:

Social site Facebook has rolled out a system that lets members use other sites via the social networking portal.


shabbir 2Dec2008 14:24

Re: Reported Post by xpi0t0s
This is the new feature where we take tech news from Reuters / BBC and display in the Information Technology.

xpi0t0s 2Dec2008 16:10

Re: Reported Post by xpi0t0s
Oops sorry, didn't realise.
It just appeared the forum had been spammed by a bot; all the "useful" posts in "Todays topics" had been completely swamped by the news postings.
As this isn't a news site or a news indexing site (and those of us that want such things are already into The Register and/or Slashdot), is this really a useful feature?

shabbir 2Dec2008 16:39

Re: Reported Post by xpi0t0s
As it was today we approved majority of them but then this BOT would not post unless approved by me and so if any news related to the industry ( Programming / Technology ) will only be approved.

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