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Naigan 30Nov2008 00:58

Hey, student here!
Hey guys, Naigan here, joined this forum because i'm currently on a computing course, currently using vb, and vba, starting java in a few months time. Occasionaly I get stuck, and I need help in certain aspects, and hopefully I can help others with basic VB questions. :shy:

xpi0t0s 30Nov2008 01:58

Re: Hey, student here!
Hi there, welcome to the forum. For best results, don't just throw code at us unformatted with "it don't work", many people do that. Use code blocks so that the code remains formatted. Explain exactly what it's doing wrong, saying what it's not doing that you expect, or doing that you don't expect. Give input and output (e.g. "if I enter 2, I expect 4, but I get 5")

Naigan 30Nov2008 02:01

Re: Hey, student here!
Haha, don't worry, if i'm looking for help, i'll be trying to help you guys help me as much as possible... If that makes any sense.. :p

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