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Nadr 29Nov2008 15:19

Adsense CTR going down
For the past one year My eCPM for adsense is moving southward and would like to know if thats the case for others as well.

shabbir 29Nov2008 15:47

Re: Adsense CTR going down
Is it CTR or CPM? If its CTR then you should work on your placement and if its CPM then its Google not having good advertisers in your niche.

Nadr 29Nov2008 18:31

Re: Adsense CTR going down
Its CTR but then I used to get the CTR doubled of what I am getting previously and I have not changed anything.

reddyschintuo 29Nov2008 19:40

Re: Adsense CTR going down
you did not change na that's the main problem you have to change everything regularly(i mean u have to post) then only you get traffic and your ctr goes down or maintain its standard

Nadr 29Nov2008 19:48

Re: Adsense CTR going down
You got me wrong. My CTR has gone down but My content and traffic is on rise ad I have doubled my traffic but halfed my CTR

kidas 2Dec2008 10:44

Re: Adsense CTR going down
yes this is a regular story these days with most publishers. One main reason is advertisers are reducing their budgets. I would advise experimenting by blocking particular domains from adsense and see which domains pay the most

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